Research Week

We visited the ‘Community Farm’ with college as a daytime activity which was a fun and interesting outing. We got given certain tasks such as; ‘creating a new map for the farm’, ‘making a public relations video/advertising the community farm’ in which we could start gathering relevant research which would help us complete the tasks set for a later date. I captured quite a lot of video footage with two other students (Ryan&Mike) in which will most probably end up in here once I’ve edited a video together.

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I made friends with these two Donkey’s at the farm also as you can see. I’ve captured a few which are compositionally aesthetically pleasing to me.


The image above has really clear and prominent depth of field, which is the main feature I wanted to include. I focused on the ear with my camera so the definition of all the tiny hairs on the donkeys ears are crisp clear, this left the background with a clear blur which also made the foreground focus that much more noticeable. I personally really like this photograph I  took and feel I achieved the shot I was aiming for, like so with the bottom image;


I used the rope which kept the fence closed from the Donkeys, to frame the focal point, obviously being the donkey. I thought this would make a great shot which maybe i could manipulate further. This image also includes the Rule of Thirds, with the initial loop of the rope dominating the left side of the image, the fencing wood in the center, and the silver fence grasping the left proportion of the image which has a compositionally correct feel accompanying it, in my view.






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