Digital Production

Egyptian Embalming/Foley sound – (30/19/16)

Our first ‘Digital Production’ lesson was revolved around ‘foley sound’. The task was to stage an ‘Egyptian embalming’ by using back-lit shadows reflecting onto a sheet from the background. The idea of the task was to hack into different types of fruit behind the sheet covering the Egyptian embalming whilst we used XY sound recorders to capture the sound.

As the aim was to capture the variant sounds we produced while experimenting with different tools and certain fruits, 2 students at a time had to record from different angles as close up to the ‘Egyptian embalming’ as possible. A camera and a tri-pod were used to capture the Egyptian embalming act, the aim as a class is to produce a short video with the foley sounds we captured during the task edited in.


As the work we are doing in class at present is orientated around the food brief, FOOD was also the main topic of this task. The main point was to capture foley sound by using only FOOD. We were given a suitcase full of different fruits/vegetables in which we could experiment with.


As you can see from the above photo, 2 students (Jacob and Kara) are waiting in different positions to capture the sounds of the fruit beating, I believe kara lay under the table and Jacob stayed as close as he could around the side.


This is what behind the sheet looked like, with only two lamps emitting the back-lit background. Bin bags where worn by everyone involved preventing clothes from staining due to fruit juices.

Below is a short clip of the Egyptian embalming taking place;

Egyptian Embalming in action

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