Anthony Nolan Ad


  • Wacom tablet, providing me the ability to animate graphic visuals/infography
  • Potentially a film camera?
  • Adobe suite – using Premier, Animate and possibly After effects.
  • Anthonly Nolan spit kit, used to influence animations.

These screenshots are taken from the Anthony Nolan website, in which is just an insight for you to see what the charities aims and purpose is. The main point is that they are a charity which save the lives of people who unfortunately have blood cancer, such as Leukemia and multiple myeloma.

The charity sets out different way in which they can retrieve healthy blood/stem cells off healthy people from the age of 16-30.. This could be through a bone marrow transplant, or injections increasing your stem cells which can then be extracted simply at the hospital; there are more way in which you can donate stem cells which could potentially match with someone else around the worlds blood type, who has blood cancer – leading to potentially saving a life through minimal effort.


The website is simply laid out and easy to get around with clear text and instructions of how you can benefit this charity – the charities primary ‘trademark’ colour, is the green you can see above. This is used throughout Anthony Nolan advertisements whether it be graphic posters, or animated videos, or filmed videos – this almost trademark feature can be recognized by anyone who vaguely knows about the charity, and is also a happy, vibrant colour of green – in which vibrant colours attract a younger target audience, which is in fact the charities goal.


These were my initial pen on paper notes about the Anthony Nolan charity and include rough initial ideas and developments. Above shows general statistics involving the charity itself which may be handy within the production of my advert


The image above and below show initial planning of an idea in which I had – I think this idea is short, straight to the point and would convey the message effectively and efficiently. The idea shows people crying (who are affected by blood cancer in some way) backed up by statistics and facts about blood cancer and how many people are affected each day – this then goes on to the tear scene in which tears keep falling representing the amount of people in need of a match or who have blood cancer, backed up with statistics and figures once again. (initially I was planning on conveying the fact that the tears could be linked to the spit and a cup would be catching the amount of matches each day)


Then I plan to show animated visuals/infographics which convey the easy steps in potentially saving someone life. E.g – talk about suitable age required for donars, target audience 16-20 year olds ect.. and the simplicity of filling out a simple form online whcih will then allow Anthony Nolan to send a spit kit in which you then send straight back.


Another initial idea consisted of showing a little stick figure animation with the amount of people that are affected or need your help correlating with the charity. The people then would evolve/transform to merge into the spelling of ‘Anthony Nolan’ This was initially a little introduction animated idea, with plans to film the other four simple story boards by then showing the simple steps in which you can help people in need of healthy stem cells. (form, spit, wait). Then showing a potential blood cancer patient receiving a match. I thought maybe including film would be a good idea – but looking further into the target audience and Anthony Nolan’s specified quota, I thought animation would be the best way of attracting a young audience, as they already use animation for this reason.


I then also focused purely on the introduction with wanting to portray the line matching with the identical letters (telling the audiences and homing in on the fact the charity matches appropriate people with the correct blood type – hence the letters being highlighted; A-A, O-O, N-N within the advert) I obviously didn’t want to copy this effect, so I used this concept which influenced my idea of the the letters changing compositionally, dissolving or moving to form a new word. After looking at potential words which had the same letters in as ‘Anthony Nolan – Be A Match, Save A Life’ in which I could use motion tweens/effects within animate to take the letters involved and create a new word which was relevant to the speech in the advert – I initially came up with the idea of the word ‘love’ being reformed out of the letters, which could have supportive speech of ‘Share the love – today’.

My initial idea of the introduction then developed into the outro, as the more I built this idea and transformed it, the more relevant and convenient it seemed to be made as the outro, planning on having it’s own animation entirely. As the slogan ‘be a match, save a life’ including he letters in ‘Anthony Nolan’ only offered me the word ‘Love’ after lots of research of different words that could possibly be used with the correct letters..etc I changed the slogan, as Anthony Nolan have a couple – which allowed me to play around with new words, including the different letters within the slogan. ‘Saving the lives of people with blood cancer’ allowed me to pick a more serious word which I thought would have a more powerful effect to the audience. This idea development and experimentation allowed me to come up with the letters re-positioning from ‘saving the lives of people with blood cancer’ to ‘please don’t disdain blood cancer patients’.


Above includes the planned speech for my advert, in which was estimated 50 seconds speaking time – so I catered this aspect within my further developed ideas below, giving an estimation time of how long the scenes for my animation would be, as you can see.


Viral Videos;

Viral Ad; ‘In Internet and online advertising viral marketing is a type of marketing technique that relies on and encourages people to pass along a marketing message by word-of-mouth (or word-of-e-mail) marketing. Viral marketing online uses blog and social networks to produce positive word-of-mouth brand awareness.’

This advertisement is filled with emotion and love and helps convey this a long with the video footage, but furthermore through the supporting relevant sound within it. It can give off a tense atmosphere by the change in pace and emotion, as this alters within the sound (different tones/instruments) A negative factor about this video would have to be the length of it, showing similar ‘sharing the love occurrences’ which can give off a repetitive feeling in my view as there’s only a certain amount of varied scenes you can show – some of which in this video aren’t actually that effective, which is ironic as within the title it mentions ‘try not tear up’. The target audience would have to start from teenagers and young adults in my opinion, who have developed and have a good understanding of life with mature knowledge and empathy concerning the world we live in. Therefore I think the target audience would be so vast, trying to reach everyone who has the ability to care and understand, so leaving out younger children.


I think this advert is very powerful and really engages with the audience, being everyone included in the first world. This advert is decisive and straight to the point, conveying that our minor day to day problems that you hear so many people frequently moaning about within the first world,  are so mere and irrelevant to whats actually happening on this planet, on a large scale. What makes it even more evocative is the fact these people may not even know what some of the words they are saying mean. And some of these people within the video are still saying them with a slightly warm, infectious smile which makes the audience think how grateful they are, and how ungrateful we are – having a powerful emotive effect concerning the audience.


This advert did a really good job in engaging the audience, which were in fact watching in real life (the people you saw in the video) and you and I – the person watching now. This captivates the specified audience by being so irregular and strange, entertaining is the word – as why in the hell would red light district prostitutes be doing such a thing? This is initially what reels us as an audience in.

Viral Marketing;

Be aware of:

  1. Over Saturation.
  2. Common Interests/Sharing Habbits.
  3. Hidden Payoff.
  4. Bad news travels fast.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge;


  • Lots of people get involved.
  • $115 raised.
  • ALS was a key mention.
  • Good banter for a while.


  • Not many actually donated.
  • Just did it for the fun and attention

Movember, Stoptober, Go Sober October;


  • Relatively easy to do.
  • Catchy, easily remembered – join in as friends are doing so.
  • – Noticeable


  • Not specific (money could be going anywhere).
  • Not supported.

John Lewis;


  • Emotional.
  • Well produced/professional
  • Yearly release- builds anticipation.


  • Hugely Expensive- 7 million
  • Took 7 months to produce.
  • Piggy Backing.

stats and facts

young audience ref

Ways to attract attract a young audience to a charity;

  1. Get vocal about the organisation as effective promotional adverts and strategies require clear vision, mission and professional branding. Keep the message you are trying to convey simple, fresh and entertaining. Create events, distributing information, also gathering young people which has leaflets/booklets and easy to understand attractive information. keep in mind that peer influence is a primary reason as to how young people get involved.
  2. Highlight the cause and advertise the achievements already gained and achievements possible by the charity.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of social media, as this is currently the most viable and successful communication tool concerning the contemporary younger generation – the likes of Facebook and twitter which have over 7 million wordwide followers including lots of the younger audience. – share information through these networks.
  4. Invest in your website – keep it current and up to date with fashionable design trends – to a younger target reach use good quality visual materials a long with the correct colour schemes, being colourful and bright as this appeals to the younger audience.
  5. Make experiences mutually rewarding – charities attract and provide work and life experience for whoever chooses to help them out. Collaboration with colleges, universities and high schools – working with these institutions will most definitely target and attract the younger audience.

young minds charity

Target audience specified being teenagers, young children and young people. There website has a very child-like, playful animated font of text in which is obviously relevant  and suitable to the younger audiences attractions and satisfactions, being able to engage them – within my advert I am going to include graphically sketched/animated visuals/infographics which has this child-like characteristic I like within their website, because this is clearly an effective way to gauge the specified target communicators. You can also see how colourful and vibrant the video is – engaging the younger audience more so as they are most likely to keep attention if this effect is used. Positivity strives throughout this upbeat, uplifting advert within a bundle of optimism a long with seriousness and a touch of humour, making it aesthetically pleasing to watch.

sound within advert; The Heavy – “Turn Up” This is the song throughout the young minds charity advert. I like the fact that within the song the the singer is explaining that something has to be done in order for their (him and his lover) love to work properly (basically hinting to do something about the current situation, from what I can gather) – which I guess links coherently with the message of the advert as they want you to be effected and start making a change today. The song itself has that energetic vibe and ‘get up and go’ feeling which can be inspirational and compliments the positivity throughout the advert as a whole.

mind charity ref

Targeted audience being aimed primarily at those under the age of 18, with certain exceptions such as the TAPaS (to age 25) and EIPS (to age 35). An effect I like throughout this video is the overlay of increased saturation/hue/levels within the video footage – colour graded to captivate the relevant specified audience. Although I am thinking of doing animated visuals within my Anthony Nolan advert meaning I can’t relate it the effect to this project.. I want to include manipulating the colour grade effect as shown in the advert above, within my music video.

Both the young minds charity and mind charity have noticeable figures within their adverts which can convey the fact that everyone cares no matter if the individual is famous or rich or different.. the emotions and togetherness applies to everyone correlating with these conditions we have to deal with as human beings. This may give a sense of worth, love and togetherness targeting the mentally ill.

The background music is more low key and evocative, with easing instruments playing softly drawing you to the narrative and paying close attention to the story-line. It can be seem as more serious with the slower and almost saddening tone of music, asserting a hypnotic feeling  (in the sense of the audience instantly paying attention) as they know its a serious matter.

Southpark – ‘The animated series is not for children. In fact, its goal seems to be to offend as many as possible as it presents the adventures of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The show has taken on Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, politicians of every stripe and self-important celebrities. Oh, and Kenny is killed in many episodes.’ 

The show is stated not for children, but the rated age is 15-18 years olds. Southparks’ intended target audience was males between the ages of 18-39 but was able to create a wider target audience of males from the ages 16-50 target audience. Although maybe a lot of younger audience of say 12 year old american boys do actually watch southpark – I don’t think the creators of southpark are specifically targeting the audience in terms of age demographics – but I think they are targeting a certain type of being with relatable characteristics such as dark humour/cynicism/morbidness, therefore targeting a certain personality in a way, focused outlook not age.

I am planning on maybe using this look of animation (not the cut out style within my advert, through animated visuals/basic inforgraphics which help back up the speach, as I am not going to be filming anything – I am using this style as I know animations, no matter what context they are in – are more aesthetically pleasing on the eye and interesting, especially to a younger audience.


I will be using a background track from the internet (youtube) to help express my Anthony Nolan advert, with relevant research specifically targeting the desired audience. I will be recording my own speech however and possibly foley sound.

The above includes the possible background tracks which could be played through my Anthony Nolan charity video. I looked at different websites with free sounds, but collected the four songs above from Youtube, converting them to mp3 files. The four songs shown in the video above are all cut to one minute long, just so you can get a sense of the feel and emotions conveyed through each track.

  1. The first sound track conveys a jolly and upbeat song which I think would successful when considering target audience as I think this would appeal to the target reach being those in the age category of 16-30. Although this track could may be too upbeat for a serious charity advert and may not link with the tone and context of my speech. It captured my attention however, as these adverts can’t be too negative and it’s an over all catchy little beat.
  2. The second track is also jolly and upbeat, having a christmasy feel about it – which connects love and togetherness, just what the Anthony Nolan charity is trying to achieve – sharing the love, potentially saving someone’s life. It also portrays a sense of time passing and things getting done,which could maybe spur the target audience to get involved, as this track could maybe be motivational in doing so.
  3. This track also has an upbeat fast paced style, yet with less happiness and joy – this aspect gives it a more serious tone, without it being ‘in your face’ or cringey/generic. this style seems very goal orientated and seems as if it’s trying to captivate the audience but help convey a message, and keep them attached to the subject. At the moment I am considering overlaying this specific track over the recorded speech I have, as it’s serious and also to the point – in terms of conveying the context most relevantly, concerning Anthony Nolan.
  4. This possible background track however is diverse from the others – in which it tries to consume and engage the audience in an evocative, saddening way – reaching out to the target audiences emotions, so the they potentially feel a certain need to help. I don’t want to convey too much of a negative effect on the audience as I am wanting them to feel happy and thoroughly understand the main concepts of the Anthony Nolan charity in a welcoming, intriguing manner – I feel like including a pessimistic characteristic may not be the best way in achieving this, by using too much of a negative track like this.


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