Vinyl Cover & Magazine Spread



image source

The vinyl and the cover above is quite unique in the way it contrasts the two faces adding prominence to the items. The orange and ‘splatted black’ colours used within the vinyl do stand out but I think it looks cheaply done, and taken two minutes to produce which is an aspect I don’t like, that’s how I feel about the design anyway.


image source

Tame impala have very unique genre which points towards psychedelic rock/pop -Neo-psychedelia and by analysing some of their music videos them genres are really visually portrayed. The songs are very slow and very relaxed and chilled out in general, so the above vinyl cover does a good job in portraying their style of music and is kept simplistic and clear, I think this piece of imagery is a great work of art in conveying tame impala in a nutshell and doesn’t look like it would be too hard to produce which is another aspect I appreciate.


image source

Whilst still considering my target audience I am trying to gather a range of different genre/styled vinyl covers which suit to a range of viewers. The vinyl above has a really indie rock type of feel to it, which I think the style would be relevant to such bands as; Jamie T, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and so on – this is because of the alternative street environment which indie/alternative rock bands like to include. I really like the different perspectives within the image above I think it gives it prominence and stands out from other designs/covers.


image source

This above vinyl cover of the ‘Ramones’ is the same style I was trying to correlate with in the previous ‘indie/alternative rock’ cover. It’s simply a photograph of the band outdoors besides what looks like a derelict building, but does capture the eye and gives a you feeling of the style of music they might play.


image source

This vinyl cover of the Beatles is a world wide recognized item, well at least the image of them walking across the pelican crossing is which was a key advertising image for the band. The environment and surrounding of the image above I think is a key aspect when attracting the eye of the public as it’s a aesthetically pleasing setting, which is well composited.


image source

This vinyl cover by Lisa Mitchell conveys the chilled, relaxed folk style, which is what her music contains.The text chosen has also had some thought because personally I think that there wouldn’t be a different text/font that would suit as much as this chosen font does. I will take this into consideration when creating my vinyl cover as I didn’t realise how much of an effect a simple aspect like the font, could compliment and shape the entire look and design of the subject.


image source

This vinyl cover caught my eye due to the colours used within it, there is a different colour glow of such layered over each band member which in a way leads the eye from the left to the right or vise versa and gives highlights band members making them distinct and stand out.


This vinyl cover is named secret 7 – Friday i’m in love. The shadow of the woman is a feature within this design I like, filling the negative space with the subject. The use of shadow within this vinyl cover in  general is precise very well thought of. The shoes within the design gain more of a sense of shape with the shadows creating a 3-D effect.


image source

I like the compositional layout of the magazine spread above as the majority of the spread is taken up by an image which Is what I am thinking of applying to my spread as it’s revolved around the artist of your choice and imagery when conveying music is important,especially if you want to capture the eye of the specified target audience as the viewers will automatically know what and who the spread is revolved around. I do think there could be more visual aesthetics which give the spread character as it’s a little bland with straight simple lines used to section off specific areas. The font of the large focal text is interesting and will be a big factor when correlating the style of font with the artists genre/character.

image source

I like the design above as there are several things going on which make it more exciting to gauge, I particularly like the typographic text which is manipulated in a way to suggest it’s coming out of the mans open mouth,the diagonal lines add to the excitement and lively feeling within the magazine spread.



image source

This magazine spread has kept to a minimal concerning composition and negative space, which is an aspect that interests me as it’s straight to the point, sometimes making the subject more striking. The colour scheme is also kept to a minimal of blue/white/black which doesn’t overwhelm the audience viewers and distract them, these mere characteristics and features intrigue me.


image source

I like how the type of the M, is in fact masking several different images in the background, giving it a feel energy and a sort of movement? I don’t in fact like the text to the right of the above magazine spread as it seems very basic and and boring, maybe that’s just me being a fan of more exciting and abstract features? Creating a piece a long the lines following the style above I don’t think will be to hard to portray, as the design is quite simple


This design caught my eye due to the layout and fonts used within it, making the numbers really bold and prominent, with a different font making it more interesting to look at. This design is relevant as I am wanting to manipulate letters (instead of number) in the same way as above, but maybe with overlapping of the letters involved too.


The magazine spread above and below are ‘vintage’ old fashioned spreads which appeal to me due the freedom of space within it. Neither of the above or below designs are crammed with information that overloads the pages, this is good I think as it gives room for the eye to wonder, the negative space is very well manipulated in my view.


Primary research –

I looked at a few magazine and CD/Record covers first hand just to see if there was a common theme or any possible influential styles I could analyse and take note from.


The Gallery magazine had interesting layouts and lots of visual aspects communicating with the viewer. The text is broken up with the graphic visuals within the right side of the spread which is an aspect I like, where as to the left it is more formal filled with more composited text, maybe telling certain stories within the magazine As you can see on the right side of the spread there shows lots of little infographics which help communicate the text which is on the page. Using these little visuals can really help make the viewer focus on the subject if there’s something aesthetically pleasing on the eye, reeling them in. I am thinking of creating a little logo for Lisa Mitchell which can maybe be displayed on the Magazine spread and the Vinyl cover I make.

gallery ref

‘Whether you?re 18 or 80, if you have a sense of humour and an interest in popular culture, we hope you?ll find something you like in Gallery. Gallery features topical editorial, news, reviews and listings for individuals in any age bracket but our core audience is 20-50 year olds. We are aware, however, that age is a state of mind! so we figure our readership falls outside these parameters and hope that people young and old enjoy our content. Gallery is here for anyone interested in fashion, culture, sports, beauty, health and culture, home & interiors and design.’


The Hello magazine consists of lots of imagery throughout it, making it a bright and colourful magazine, giving the impression that it’s filled with lots of various excitement and general information, intriguing the viewers from the start. The above spread within this particular Hello magazine is a prime example of the style conveyed throughout it (being packed with imagery) I like the use of imagery within the two pages, having the images look like they could be merged into one, with the clever editing and photo-manipulation. As you can see there is limited text shown which can be nice and not overload the viewer with information the second they turn over the page. This also allows the viewer to take in the images as a whole more precisely and depending on how relevant the text – can really help the convey the context and emotion within it.



Within this Skywings magazine the compositional display throughout is quite exciting and very nice on the eye to observe, this is mostly due to the wide variety of images used to convey stories within it. I like how the top left image within the spread above has character and is unique in the sense that within the average usual/normal magazine spreads you see, there is a common theme used concerning the compositional layout, which is that text and images usually stick either on the left side of the spread or vice versa. This magazine spread however, uses the image to frame the text, which allows the images to cross the central line of the magazine and an interesting placement of text for the paragraph on the right of the spread, following on from the text on the left side.

As this is a Paragliding magazine the target audience is already obvious as to who it’s aimed a, meeting these extreme sports peoples expectations and needs within a magazine.


This is a big book which shows ‘the top ski resorts of the world’ It isn’t a magazine spread but the style and composition of this book could be replicated in a magazine, and as the subject is photography within this project, I think looking at this book will help with the layout and use of photography within my spread/vinyl. The way the images and text are positioned have a generally nice feel about them – making me want to read on from the image, which I guess is there aim attracting the viewers by the visual initially.

Target Audience concerning age generations;

magazine ref

The above shows some contemporary magazines which have popular subscriptions for Seniors. I know these are the front covers of magazines and not actually the spreads, they can still be relevant when considering the style, composition and type used within them, as these characteristics will be of the same style throughout.

There are certain characteristics which you can pick up on within a few of the above front covers suggesting they are targeted at an older elder audience such as the old styled fonts used within the magazines ‘Reminisce’, ‘good old days’ and ‘today’s senior’ is a prominent factor which sticks out when visually analyzing them. These 3 magazines have kept the old fashioned style maybe to captivate the targeted reach being elder ‘senior’ people. Although the top 2 left magazines have the audience of an elder generation, but use modern contemporary editing styles/fonts and images. These older styled magazines are less visually pleasing with less vibrant colours used, this may just be because I prefer the contemporary style.

However, the bottom magazine covers are aimed at teenagers, the ones selected are apparently the ‘top 10 magazines for teens’. You can see a lot more colour within these magazines below, which is more aesthetically pleasing to the younger target audience as they are more engaged if colours are used. I will be using colours within my spread as my audience has a large segment of teenagers within it.

magazine ref


Vinyl records sold in the 1960’s:


Vinyl/album covers from 1990’s to now:

Images used within Magazine spread and Vinyl:

The images above were taken with my iphone, excluding the image to the bottom left – which I used the following equipment below being a Lumix GH3 canon camera, with a 2.8 focal length lens.













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