Anthony Nolan;

The set task was to advertise this chosen charity in some form – whether it be an animated or filmed advertisement, or a radio advert including speech. The main focal point of this project was the sound aspect; purely because we had picked a song for our music video meaning we didn’t need to focus on the sound aspect within that project, so within this Anthony Nolan project that was the main priority.

Target audience was specific to the charity so that was basically figured out for us which is convenient. We just had to make sure it was relevant to the current target audience, being those aged 16-30 – I chose to do animations and little motion graphics which would be interesting for the specified audience.

For the animation I used a Intuos Wacom tablet so I could easily sketch out ideas which I’d created on my storyboard plans, from paper straight on to screen. As this project was made up of entire animation, this tablet came in handy a long with my knowledge that’s substantially increased over the past year within Adobe Animate.

As you can see Alice – the representative Anthony Nolan figure that visited college has given me feedback of what she thought of my end product, this was great for me to acknowledge, allowing me to be able to reflect furthermore on my finished product. However, I was rushed for time as myself being very indecisive last minute held up decision making and general production of the animation, in which I wish I could show Alice my desired outcomes, and what messages I was trying convey. (which I still may do)

Alice Hirst (Anthony Nolan Rep):

‘A nice use of simple animation to get the point across. The video is a bit jumpy at times and the voice change doesn’t seem to match the animation. The tears falling into the spit tests implies that’s how the test is done, also the word disdain is an odd choice at the end, it implies people don’t like cancer patients. Other than that, a nice clear message and well made animation.’


Vinyl Cover + Magazine Spread;

A long with the Anthony Nolan project and the Music video, we got set another task by Adrian in which we had to create a two page magazine spread and a vinyl cover, correlating with the the artist we chose within our music video. This allowed us to focus on photography and even graphic design which was good as it meant combining the three projects we were given, covering following subjects; sound, film, animation, graphic design.

The main aspect was again the target audience which was  kept the same as it was for the same artist in which my music video was revolved around. I think with the images I used with my spread are relevant in conveying the atmosphere I wanted to portray, being relaxed and chilled.

Editing software included application within the adobe suite being Indesign and Photoshop. Having the basic knowledge of skills within Indesign was good, so I wasn’t unfamiliar with the program. Creating my magazine spreads in this software allowed me to expand my confidence within it, enabling me to navigate round the tools faster and create certain visuals more efficiently and effectively. I was able to manipulate the photographs in Photoshop very well as my knowledge and understanding of it has increased substantially over the past year.

If I could change or add anything to this project, it would be to have completed a Logo for Lisa Mitchell which I could then use on the spreads and vinyl – although this wasn’t on the required criteria it was more for self satisfaction as I had started planning it, but never got round to completing it as I thought of this logo quite late on into the project. I also would have liked to expand my vinyl cover, maybe adding typography.

Music Video;

Initially thinking of coming up with a song for my music video took more time than I interpreted. This being because I had a rough idea early on concerning the effects and styles of animation and the general visual aspect side of my project, ironically being the most important factor. The task was to effectively engage and communicate with a specified audience, chosen by ourselves. The visuals, including film and animation had to be relevant relevant to our research – My chosen audience was younger people (teenagers/young adults) and those who are a fan of the ‘indie/alternative’ which target reach is those of the age demographic of (16-25) yet my target audience over all being merely different – (13-30).

I think I managed to make my video completely relevant for my desired audience as the animated visuals and the film I captured would be of interest to a younger audience and in fact those fans of the indie/alternative (pop) genre.

What was really good about this project was the fact I had to use some sort of editing software.. which is, or now I can say ‘was’ my biggest nightmare. I had little skills within any editing software and wasn’t confident within any of them available (final cut, sony vegas, premier etc..) but having to make a music video, editing clips and merging animations of the top of my footage was something I became almost fluent at. I used premier a lot, and this allowed me to use other Adobe software which was intertwined within the adobe applications being After effects and Animate. I used after effects properly for this first time also, in which is what I used to create the line drawing animation within an After effects composition.

What I would add (if I had an extra week) would be more animated line drawing throughout the video, making it a prominent factor and also add colour grading to my final end product (which i’m thinking of doing anyways) and have a play around with the pre-set effects available in Premier.

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