Unit 11 Progression

Career Possibilities (initial presentation)

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Local Employment opportunities;

Home Strategic:

Home Strategic are a thriving Isle of Man business who focus on 7 specific key points when concerning the business’ work, the key aspects are;

  • Strategic Marketing – (Understanding and aligning audience needs with business objectives is critical to the success of any marketing campaign.)
  • Creative Design – (Delivering creative design solutions that generate emotional responses from the target audience and represent the values and guidelines of our client’s brands.)
  • PR-Public Relations – (Making the most of traditional mediums, online PR and social media enables you to get more out of your communications, increasing the reach and impact of your message and giving you and your customers the opportunity to talk.)
  • Website Design – (Making sure your website gives users a good experience is as important to us as making your website a visually appealing place to visit. Putting users at the core of your website’s development ensures an intuitive experience aligning customer needs with business goals.)
  • Social Media – (Understanding the potential risks and how the public use and consume content through social media is a must though. We can help you set up a social strategy relevant to your customers, your resources and your industry. There is no one size fits all!)
  • Online Marketing & SEO – (Online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a crucial part of maintaining and enhancing the profile of your business online)
  • Office Design & Planning – (Headed by Dave Cain, HS3 is our sister company, working with clients on projects of any type and size; from the supply of office furniture to the furnishing of a complete workspace; from the layout of a single office to the planning and design of departments, floors and buildings. So whatever your requirement, we would be pleased to be an integral part of your project team!)

Based – Millennium Park Studio, Ballafletcher Road, Cronkbourne, Isle of Man, IM4 4QJ

Gallery Magazine:

 ‘We set about creating something that would be premium quality, both in terms of production value and editorial content but also be engaging, have a sense of humour and not be afraid to refresh the parts other media cannot reach’

Gallery was established in the Channel Islands in 2014 and now operates in three offshore jurisdictions in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. A lifestyle magazine with a focus on style, we collectively we produce 22,000 printed editions a month that are read by a progressive and fashion conscious readership.

Publish monthly magazines – Each month Gallery is themed and is full of cultural and lifestyle features that include fashion shoots using local fashion, models and stylists, beauty product and treatment reviews, restaurant reviews and food features, local culture and music events reviews and listings, travel, motoring pages, gadgets, paparazzi photos and lots more. The magazine also runs a monthly property section called Places profiling property and finishing touches for the home.

 Based – Quay House, South Quay, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5AR

Manx Telecom:

Manx Telecom is unique in serving the Isle of Man with a broad portfolio of telecommunications products and services, IT and managed solutions.

As a full service provider, Manx Telecom has a relationship with nearly all the Island’s 85,000 residents and 4,000 businesses. Further details on these services can be found in this section.

The company also provides a range of “Smart SIM” solutions to UK and global markets, primarily in the Critical Connection, Machine to Machine and Mobile Virtual Network Operator segments.

Based – Manx Telecom, Isle of Man Business Park, Cooil Road, Braddan, Isle of Man IM99 1HX

Mannin Media:

‘We are the largest commercial printers on the Isle of Man, backed up by our sub divisions offering services including Publications and Advertising, Digital Design and Web Development, Signage, and Office Stationery.’

Manning Media have certain specialities and features which they excel in which are; Printing, Publications,Stationary, Design & Websites and Banners & Signs. There are different teams within Mannin Media such as the Graphics department, linked with the Printing department and so on, every team has delegated roles and objectives which need to be completed and link and involve (most of the time) all other teams. I was with Jacob Beard for my two days who was head of Design who controlled all the other little teams within the company, he had many jobs to do and gave me the chance to complete certain tasks which involved using some of the more advanced software that I haven’t really touched base with in college which I liked; Jacob introduced me to Adobe Illustrator where he taught me the very basics enough for me to create a small logo design for the IOMFA (the Isle of Man Football Association)

Based – Media House, Cronkbourne, Douglas, Isle of Man IM4 4SB, United Kingdom

Mannin Shorts:

“MannIN Shorts”, based on the Isle of Man, is a new initiative to provide a platform for hopeful filmmakers of any age to build their skills, develop their ideas and make films right here on the rock, developed by Dave Armstrong and Christy DeHaven of DAM Productions IOM and their Producer partner Phil Gates of Sonic Productions.

Web Solutions:

Are a small Family run business on the Isle of Man focussing on; Web Design, Web Marketing, Graphic Design.

‘Offering Creative Web Development, Web Design in the Isle of Man and Web Marketing combined with SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation). Our services also include Graphic Design, Web Hosting and E-commerce Solutions. Our expertise includes working with new and start-up businesses and we specialise in dealing with the small to medium business sector. We run our own ecommerce store giving us actual hands-on experience trading online. We can provide an affordable Web Solution for your business – whether you are looking for a new website or would like your existing site upgraded, orintegrated with an ecommerce solution.’

Based – Web Solutions, East Quay, Peel, Isle of Man

Range Left Jagged Right:

Range Left Jagged Right are a small creative isle of man advertising agency specialising in Corporate ID, Web Design and graphic design.

Based – The Village Walk, Onchan, IM3 4EA

Quine & Cubbon:

Quine & Cubbon Printers was first established as a partnership in 1933 in Port Erin by Douglas (Paddy) Quine and Alfie Cubbon. The business is run on the Island and provide full colour offset & short-run digital printing, design, photocopying, stationery, binding, laminating and signage.

Based – 1 Athol Street, Port St. Mary, IM9 5DS, Isle of Man

Greenlight television:

Film/Documetary edits.

Based – Greenlight House, Tromode, Isle of Man, IM4 4QJ, United Kingdom

University Research;



The images above show courses varying from Graphic Design/Communication, Digital media, Illustration and Animation which were offered by the following Universities; Kingston University, University of Portsmouth, Liverpool John Moores University, University of Leeds, Loughborough, Coventry University, University of Brighton, Ravensbourne. It seems I was very first interested in these institutions, this was towards the end of last year in which this research was gathered, so was very limited and bare – This university research has extended and elaborated much more as I progressed through the course.

As the above research was conducted last year I still hadn’t quite grasped or figured what pathway I wanted to go down, and keep on studying in my further education – A few subject topics interested me being Animation, Illustration and Graphic design

Of course whilst I was researching Universities, I had to prepare a personal statement which would express myself and my attitude to my chosen path – which at this point was vaguely figured out – in which I wanted to study Graphic design. However, I had to plan and prepare a Personal Statement. The following images below show my initial planning for this.

Scan_20170308 (2)

The above and below images show my initial planning for my personal statement,in which I evaluated my personal qualities and attributes and thought of how I could approach my personal statement and segment it into appropriate, relevant, and appealing chunks.

Scan_20170308 (3)Scan_20170308 (4)Scan_20170308 (5)

I looked at the Grades in which I could achieve on the UAL Creative Media production and Technology course which consisted of a Pass/Merit/Distinction. I figured these out so I could grasp what I needed to achieve to get accepted into certain Universities. Baring in mind the Isle of man government will only fund your University experience if you got the equivalent to 3 C’s at A-level which was meant achieving a Merit at least, which was in fact the equivalent to 3 B’s. This was because a Pass was mirrored to 3 D’s at A level which was too low, and a Distinction was equivalent to 3 A*’s which is more than enough to qualify for entrance to any University in England. Most universities look for the student to be able to achieve a Merit to offer them a place to study.

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I started to look at Universities which offered the course I wanted to study then checked the main points in which I needed to start focusing on.The bullet points I looked at consisted of what the Uni expected the student to attain (grade wise) if there was a study abroad option as this factor really intrigues me as I’m considering studying abroad, and if that wasn’t available I looked to see if the Universities offered work placements. I also looked vaguely at there requirements in portfolio, e.g how many pieces of work they expect to see at an interview.


Communicating visually be it through text, shape, colour, still or moving images has motivated me to excel and flourish within my chosen area of study. I am naturally competitive, hardworking and enthusiastic. All aspects of visual communication excite and inspire me. However, I feel a particular pull towards graphic design, having the ability to generate inventive ideas that stretch my imagination and stimulate creative thinking. I am fascinated by the way visual art is used within society as it can alter perception, and change a person’s outlook in such a dynamic way. I find the use of advertising and the combined use of type and imagery emotive and powerful. The ability to influence and inspire a target audience’s awareness is awe-inspiring. Joe Sacco once said: ‘It’s a visual world, and people respond to visuals.” I want to be the person who creates these visuals.


What I love most is being able to juxtapose an innovative side of physical work through sketching visual graphics and organising ideas, to then transform them digitally whilst watching them advance through a screen. Although I have always seen myself as a creative thinker; studying the Creative Media Production and Technology course at the University College Isle of Man has allowed me to build technical skills and understanding within my specialist area. I enjoy evolving and manipulating an idea, and then watching it materialise into a successful concept. I value the assistance of modern editing tools and I am extremely keen to expand my knowledge and expertise within this field, at a higher level.


On a recent educational visit to London, I visited a variety of art schools, exhibitions, and studios within the creative industries, which gave me great insight into the possibilities that lie ahead. The abstract expressionism at the Royal Academy really captivated my creative intellect. Additionally I was enthused by The Mill, one of London’s most outstanding creative industries with its aspirant work environment. These experiences have influenced my choice of career path reinforcing my direction.


My social awareness has primarily derived from being raised in a large, adventurous and sporty family. Being the youngest with three older ambitious and successful siblings, the competitive nature of this environment has shaped my aspirations to achieve, and kept me hungry for success.


Extensive travel for sporting events and pleasure have enabled me to explore the Netherlands, Italy and the United States. My main sporting interest in football has enabled me to travel to China with the school team but I am also keen on rugby, cricket, hockey, basketball, cross-country, athletics, and was nominated Sportsman of the Year in 2014. Being selected for the Isle of Man Schools Football Association, involved travelling to America for two consecutive years. Additionally, I have represented the Isle of Man nationally at football, cross-country and athletics. I am excited to develop these passions and continue to participate in university sporting activities.


I pride myself on having a strong work ethic, achieving within set deadlines and meeting goal-oriented tasks. My many years as a successful competitive sportsman have influenced and refined these personal qualities. Working part time as a lifeguard for two years has highlighted the importance of clarity and confidence in decision making and developed other important life skills; working and communicating efficiently with a set team, demonstrating effective leadership, reliability and responsibility.


I am an ambitious person who strives to meet my full potential. I am success driven in all I do, whether in my sporting interests, part-time work or education. Although I enjoy living on the Isle of Man and make the most of the opportunities available locally, I am ready to embrace the independence of a university experience, and eagerly anticipate the opportunity.




Personal Information;


Mobile; 07624360125                                                        Email; wilgmorris@hotmail.com    


Address; Westwood, Douglas Road, Kirk Michael, Isle of Man, IM6 1AT




Communicating visually be it through text, shape, colour, still or moving images has motivated me to excel and flourish within my chosen area of study. I am naturally competitive, hardworking and enthusiastic. All aspects of visual communication excite and inspire me. However, I feel a particular pull towards graphic design, having the ability to generate inventive ideas that stretch my imagination and stimulate creative thinking. I am fascinated by the way visual art is used within society as it can alter perception, and change a person’s outlook in such a dynamic way. I find the use of advertising and the combined use of type and imagery emotive and powerful. The ability to influence and inspire a target audience’s awareness is awe-inspiring. Joe Sacco once said: ‘It’s a visual world, and people respond to visuals.” I want to be the person who creates these visuals.


Education and Qualifications/Achievements


    • University College Isle of Man

      • Secondary Education/FE/HE
      • Attendance Full Time
      • From – September 2015
      • To – July 2017
      • Grade(s) – outstanding; MERIT/PASS/DISTINCTION
      • (Below honours degree level qualifications expected)


  • Queen Elizabeth II School


    • Secondary Education/FE/HE
    • Attendance – Full Time
    • From – September 2009
    • To – August 2015
    • Grade(s) – 9 GCSE’s A*-C Including maths, english and science
    • 6th Form prefect.
    • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh completed
    • Awarded school colours for Athletics and Football
    • Sportsman of the Year
    • Represented Merseyside at county level from Interschool XCountry



So far whilst completing GSCE’s and As Levels at Queen Elizabeth High School I have been on the UAL extended diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology. I feel this has really flourished me as an aspiring designer and given me the valuable skills to excel within my chosen path, being graphic designer.

  • Digitising physical work within Industry standard programs such as the Adobe Suite.
  • Design Process and Development (idea generation, experimentation)
  • Basics within Animation/3D Design/VFX/Cinematography/Photography.
  • Teamwork, Self directed work.

Employment History;

  • Employer name/address – Kath Andrews / Western Swimming Pool Derby Road, Peel, IOM. IM5 1SW
  • Nature of work – Lifeguard.
  • From – October 2014.
  • To – Current Workplace.
  • Full/part time – Part Time.


Work Experience;  Mannan Media, Curraghs Wildlife Park, Sulby Primary School


Hobbies and Interests;

  • Athletics/Football/Snowboarding/Roller-skating/Mountain Biking
  • Photography/Outdoors


References available on request.



evidence of prospectus’

After further in depth research I started to narrow down the Universities shown below. On the London trip away we looked at a few Universities and Art+Design colleges/schools which consisted of UAL Chelsea, Ravensbourne, Middlesex University which was really beneficial to go and check each institution out as this gave me a real insight to university structures and the way things are done at various places. We also visited AUB – Arts University Bournemouth which really captivated me and intrigued me and is very much so up at the top of the list of places I would like to study!

I have already been interviewed and has a look around AUB again, which made me more fond of the university. So far I have been offered a conditional offer from only AUB which I was more than chuffed with – now I am waiting for Northumbria and Sheffield Hallam to respond to my application after recently sending my graphic design portfolio off too them both. Decisions will be very hard If I receive offers from both places, but I am generally set on studying at AUB, on an agreed condition of achieving a merit in the up coming Final Major project.


The following images comprise of my initial portfolio that I sent off to Nottingham Trent, in which they didn’t like as I got rejected by them within 2 days of sending it. I must admit they wanted to see my portfolio way before any of the other universities, and gave me a lot less time than the other universities that I applied too in which to have it completed. Thus being why it, in my opinion is so much weaker than my most up to date portfolio which can be seen following the ‘Graphic Design Portfolio’link provided below. The university of Leeds didn’t even consider a portfolio and just rejected me for the reasons only I can assume of not have satisfactory grades for them (in which the research says otherwise) or them not knowing the UAL course I am currently on as it is a new course.

Graphic Design Portfolio

As I had more time to provide my other chosen universities (Arts University Bournemouth, Northumbria university + Sheffield Hallam university)

NUN portfolio

AUB front page2

SHU front page



Scan_20170308 (10)

I narrowed the Universities down and made a chart consisting off the most appealing and ideal information of each university, this allowed me to make close comparisons with each and every university.

The above images above and below were captured whilst on the London trip in November. This trip was very good for me personally as we got to travel on the tube and see a lot of London and what it’s all about, whether that’s concerning work in London or the education side.. Both gave me a reflective positive insight in the fact that it made me realise London as a place to work or study as of yet, wasn’t quite for me – there was too much going on, everything was t


Tate modern, Tate Britain, National Portrait Gallery, (royal academy) Abstract expressionism, Michael Hoppin gallery, ILM (industrial light magic), The Mill, (college alumni advertising agency) The images below consist of evidence I gathered of a few of the above places I mentioned. The images captivated me personally, thus being why I captured them. I think it was great for me to have a look at some of the modern art across all mediums within subject of art and design whether it bean abstract, physical or 3D piece of work etc. It was great to have an idea of what the possible current ‘future me’s’ were getting up to. Within most of the primary research I gathered below, I found it really interesting trying to gather the meaning behind the projects, if it wasn’t spelled out within the artists proposal then it was up to the viewer to gather and interpret emotions from what the artist has given them.Which really fascinated me and was interesting to gather opinions.


Scan_20170308 (12)Scan_20170308 (13)Scan_20170308 (14)Scan_20170308 (15)


The images below are from my visit to Arts University Bournemouth in which I had a look around the whole of the university, seeing the design and other subject studios – giving me a real insight to the work environment and feel of the place.

I also took notes whilst we spoke to a few tutors who work at AUB, the notes being on what they like to see within a portolio and how we could approach it. Below shows the list that I figured out which helped me a lot when creating my work for AUB.

Scan_20170308 (11)Scan_20170308 (7)

After being notified of my invitation to an interview I did more thorough research and planning into how I was going to present myself to AUB – this included portfolio planning on which I figured out what compositional layouts of each page could be manipulated and how I could arrange them. I also depicted what work could fill the ‘roughly 20 pages’ that they asked for.

To prepare for my first interview; I thought of possible questions and pre-answered them just for interview practice.

Scan_20170310Scan_20170310 (2)Scan_20170310 (6)

Pre-planned questions to asks after an interview;

  • How many applicants enroll on the course?
  • Trips away and expense?
  • What are considered the hardest challenges on this course?
  • With your experience, what are your favourite aspects of the course?
  • What do you most like about working here?
  • When can I expect to hear from you and what are the next steps?

Scan_20170310 (8)Scan_20170310 (5)Scan_20170310 (4)Scan_20170310 (3)

aub intray

Since applying to Bournemouth University they have given me a student login to their ‘In Tray’ in which they can communicate, update information and generally provide a means of communication, rather than emails which is an aspect I like.

aub interview offer

First they offered me an interview, which is shown in the above image – in which they asked for me to bring physical portfolio comprising of roughly 20 images of my best work in which they could judge and gather more of an insight of me and my work. They asked for specific mediums within graphic design for me to show my skills within, such as; observational drawing, photography, 3D model design, a form of life drawing and general computer edited work.



aub offer

After my interview I was told to wait 5-7 days for a response, but within 2 days they offered me a conditional offer which I was over the moon about as this was my first offer at a university which I really liked. Also considering I was rejected by Nottingham Trent and University of Leeds, this was a big relief as I know I can go to university if I achieve the required grades.


The first Universities I heard back from both rejected me, which was a real kick in the shin, but what could I do! I know that the current course I am on can be unfamiliar to certain institutions so I was considering emailing them asking why I got rejected, but I just left it in the end. This made me think I should’ve applied to Cardiff and Leeds Beckett instead, but I can’t reverse time and I’m still awaiting offers and have an offer off Universities which really catch my eye – for this reason I am glad I chose a selection of universities in which I really liked making the three universities I am still waiting on below, great choices.

waiting, offers

northumbria portfolio invitation

Above and below show emails I have received from Sheffield Hallam and Northumbria, in which they’ve asked me to send them a digital portfolio of my work

SHU portfolio invitation

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