FMP Project Proposal

Review (150 words)

What skills, knowledge and experience have you acquired in the previous 2 stages?

How will your project build on your experience of the previous units and how will you address issues that have been identified in your own evaluation or assessment?

Creative Media production and Technology has allowed me to develop and acquire a wide range of skills entailing a vast and diverse range of creative mediums. This allowed me to find my passion for graphic design within motion graphics, typography and still visual graphics and the various design styles and characteristics whether it be incorporated in advertisement/branding or general infographics. I find the use of advertising and the combined use of type and imagery emotive and powerful. The ability to influence and inspire a target audience’s awareness through graphic imagery, to me is amazing. Joe Sacco once said; ‘It’s a visual world, and people respond to visuals.” I want to be the person who creates these visuals.

Completing projects within an agreed timeline, exploring and experimentation of ideas and outcomes, in-depth outside the box research which requires contextualisation are all aspects that have been nurtured and assimilated through the previous projects and units which have been covered throughout years one and two. Being able to conceptualise, manipulate and integrate physical ideas, then exploit them digitally due to my increasing knowledge and understanding of technology and editing tools, has been very awe-inspiring and motivational, informing my desire to excel within my chosen design area.

Ideas and Concepts (250 words)

What is your idea and what do you aim to produce?

Justify how this idea/concept will sustain you throughout the project?

What methods, techniques, materials, technology and processes will you use?

How do you propose to present your final idea/s within the limitations exhibition space?

Are the materials and resources you have selected available?

If not how do you propose to access them?

3D/2D design, minimalism, geometric shapes, illustration and typography have been aspects within graphic design which have really intrigued and appealed to me of recent. I am wanting to create a fictitious graphical map of such which will apprise and indulge my targeted audience. I plan for this map to be a ‘web page’ in itself, which informs the viewers through ‘interactive’ links that can be found on the map. I plan to create interesting, unconventional illustrations/animations, graphic posters and general infographics which address and help acquire further knowledge about the information presented.

I believe that creating the map itself and the content within the map will most certainly occupy me for the seven weeks that are set. I will be able to thoroughly research and design a suitable map, as well as the illustrations/infographics that comprise the entirety of the map. I will primarily be using the Adobe suite which will help me substantially throughout this project by digitising my work within applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Animate CC which I have become very familiar with over the period of this course, with access to other brilliant equipment and editing tools which will benefit my outcome substantially. (e.g use of a drone to grasp the isle of man from above) When presenting my interactive map I have thought of using binoculars which if looked through will scope out the work I have done, giving you an insight of the larger picture being the world, zooming all the way to ‘The (w)Isle(d) of Man’

Contextual Research (100 words)

Who are your influences and what is your contextual research? (This will inform your bibliography)

What primary research are you going to undertake?

Inspirations stems from visuals which I have encountered and every human encounters daily, this could be an interesting graphical poster on the wall in the London underground, a whimsical illustrated advertisement on an airport wall, or even just driving past fascinating visual aids on the motorway which can inform and entertain the viewers eye. I want to create an aesthetically pleasing piece of graphic art, influenced by modern styles of graphic design being flat design 2.0, to appeal to the targeted viewers. Wildlife and nature as the theme of this project I think arises from my personality, loving every aspect of life and the world around us.

Evaluation and Progression(100 words)

How will you evaluate your ideas, research and processes throughout the project?

I will be writing a reflective journal throughout the seven weeks which will annotate and evaluate my progression, thoughts and feelings, positives and negatives about the work I’ve produced. It will also consist of the alterations I have made and why they were made, and what influences and research I have completed and why. I will also continuously be gathering feedback from my peers and tutors so I can learn and adapt certain decisions or ideas, through primary research I collect from the likes of questionnaires, multiple choice questions etc. Experimentation, further development and alterations of my ideas will give allow me to evaluate thoroughly my actions and plans.

Consideration of presentation –

Mind-map evidence of

Interpretation boards, binocular idea, apps etc…

Below helped me break down the my FMP/FPP proposal and gave me an idea whether I wason the right lines which was extremely helpful. I feel I made it as ‘comprehensive’ as possible after several alterations in which I think benefited the end proposal which is shown below.

preperation for fpp


project concept




Final Proposal

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